Mission statement 

The Evolve Foundation is an organization of parents, educators, therapists and behavior specialists committed to supporting the growth and development of the Evolve School of Learning which strives to create a unique learning environment where each individual is valued and every student may thrive.

Vision and Values:

The Evolve Foundation serves as a catalyst in the development of a unique and safe environment which will provide the programs to meet the needs of differentiated learners.

The Evolve Foundation celebrates diversity, recognizes the potential of each individual, and endeavors to support and build a school community in which each person is able to be themselves without fear of retribution.

The Evolve Foundation supports the Evolve School of Learning which will be a private all-inclusive school for learners with a variety of needs and abilities.

The Evolve Foundation promotes this growing group of individuals, their unique contributions, and their need for support as they transition into adulthood and the greater communities.

Contact us at evolvefoundation22@gmail.com

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